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Where to Level up?

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Hello guys,

This guide is for beginners who dont know where to level up.

  1. All the cords in the next topic are the "main ones". You can choose different spots but those are the best imo.
  2. As more level spots will be harder so it will be required a party to survive.
  3. Party Gold should be your priority. That means not repeated class in your party. (Ex: MG, SM, EE, DL, GL, SUM)

Level 1-20:

- If you are DK, SM, RF, DL or GL your home will be Lorencia.

- If you are Elf your home will be Noria. 

-  If you are SUM your home will be Elveland.

Level 20-50:

There are several good spawns where you can level up:

  • Devias 1: Cord: 161, 8
  • Elveland 2: Cord: 103,63
  • Atlans 1: Mobs in Atlans1 are similar to Devias3. Cord: 54,  43
  • Devias 3: Cord: 230, 196

Level 50-150:

- During those levels you should start leveling up in LostTower.

- From now on you have to search for teammates to make levels easier.

  • LT1: The mobs here are the easiest in all LostTower. You will find a good spawn in Cord 190,88
  • LT2: In this place there are Poison Shadow and Wizards. Cord: 214, 214
  • LT3: Close to the warp there is a spot.
  • LT4: Devils and Death Cows should be your target in this area. Cord: 116,107
  • LT5: In lt5 there is not good spot so i do not recommend you to go here, instead go to lt6.
  • LT6: Cord: 54, 27
  • LT7: The mobs in LostTower7 are the hardest in LT. There are several respawns with decent ammount of mobs.

Level 150-250:

Assuming you are already in a party of 5 is time to move to Tarkan. There are 2 good spots to the west of the north exit. You will be able to stay here until you reach lvl 250+

Level 250-400:

Those are the hardest levels. You should have a party to level up properly. There are several places you can go but mainly Kanturu 1, Kanturu 2 and Vulcanus.

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Nice guide!

This will help beginners so much!

And other players, if u afk, please make auto pt and auto accept pt in N .

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5 hours ago, Andi said:


Level 1-20:

- If you are DK,SM,RF,DL,GL or Elf your home will be Lorencia. Cords: 214, 140

-  If you are SUM your home will be Elveland. Cords: 128, 228.

Elfs start in Noria not lorencia.

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