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Found 7 results

  1. greetings. We, 00psv00 GUILD is recruiting guild members for CS this coming sunday ^^ all are welcome newbies and old players. simple rules be active, friendly and no trashtalking (even with opposing guild and gens) shout out to all HOPE guild members around JOIN US you can pm PAKSHET V-gens PEACEOUT! o_O
  2. Hey there fellow MU players, Guild Hope is recruiting on Genesis server!!! Whom we are looking for? -active, friendly players who are willing to work in team -there are NO conditions to number of resets or experience of playing the game -English language (at least a bit, google translate works too :D) What we offer? -free items within the guild - there is no must though -strong and active leadership -friendliness, activity and lots of fun time If you think you would want to be in our team, please send a pm in-game to CornFlakes or Fnatic. Cheers :), Fnatic
  3. Hello there, I left my char afk last night in Kalima and today morning my guild been changed. Officially i'm in ''Prestige'' (Master Race) guild, but it somehow bugged and moved me to ''VietNam'' (WTF) guild, I still could see my guild chat, but i could not use ''@'' button. I did char switch and all went back to normal, to real life. So i guess the Warius so not bugged server is quid bugged? not a big deal, but...
  4. Hey everyone, A new guild, DRAGONS has been created, and I am hoping to gather old Geeks players back together and recruit new people as well There are not too many rules, we just want a nice, friendly guild, however you should be active as in gaining levels etc - we understand this is an AFK game for a lot of people Anyway, I understand most people would have to swap from V gens to D gens. I know this is annoying, but come on, let's even the playing field a bit here haha. If you would like to join, please leave a message here or PM.Mail Khaleesi in game. Hope to hear from you =)
  5. Hi everyone, You may know me from in game, Khaleesi is my main. I wanted to put a post up and let everyone from Geeks know that I will be creating a guild in the next 24 hours to bring everyone from Geeks back together as Mapo3 seems to have left the game. Of course anyone else interested is more than welcome to join. We won't have too many rules, just to speak english in guild chat and to be friendly with each other. I am also thinking of making the guild D gens, let me know what you think of this, it seems there are a lot of V gens and we need to mix it up a bit! Haha. If you are interested in joining please leave a message here or mail me in game by pressing the F key, and I will get back to you ASAP. I am hoping to offer Enigma a little friendly competition - these guys seem to really care about the server and I would like to create an alliance the same to make CS more interesting. Talk to you soon - would love to know the thoughts of making a D gens guild. Have fun
  6. NO NEED TO BE A SOLO PLAYER IF WE GET STRONG WE CAN GET STRONG TOGETHER Are you ready to join the to be most active guild which are not afraid to be called douches and scumbags ? Are you motivated to invest some time into the this game ? Then this guild might be for you. GUILD AIM: To grow strong as a guild and enjoy/recruit PvP with players who enjoy this as much as we do. GUILD REQUIREMENTS: For now, only requirement is to be active everyday in the launch event. Our mission will be to take over Castle Siege as fast as possible. Later on, we will discuss the requirements with the current members of Enigma. Let's do this and take over GENESIS x1000 !
  7. Hey, somehow i joined a guild and now i wanna leave it. when i try to leave its keep say the password is wrong. do i have to wait or whats is wrong? thanks in advance