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  1. if a child says that to reach the summit of the mountain there are two ways to go, a harder one, where you will see so many beautiful things but it will be harder to climb and the other will be easier but will not struggle at all it is normal to choose that easier, in this case than grinning to see how the server is easier to leave and look for another ... what I mean and remove this "ease" in leaving the server adding motivations ..... that's what i mean
  2. i've read forum <.< , i'm talking about new players , 90% of them are lazy to log in on forum ... so the easy thing to do is leave... but u need to remove this " easy thing "
  3. sorry is the only mode for make this post ....
  4. oh another suggestion : u can make Nightmare more difficult and improve drops .... now is too easy and drop suck a little .... nightmare event is like a guild battle , like selupan ,ferea or nixys boss ..
  5. @Groot @Deryos read this topic please
  6. nah don't hurt for nothing , the only thing thats hurt is your rudeness and insolence of you and your guild mates if u want make a costructive post that's is not the right format
  7. Hello, I would have some suggestions, improvements and changes to propose .... all these changes are that I'm advising are all based on a reason to continue this server, as it is now one of the best set-ups but it fails in some things that are likely to drive away the new players, that is, we start with the premise that I'm not offending anybody's work, but they're just improvements for the server.... : - Rework NPC's Store , adding some helpfull items for newbies like sets +7 - Put BC and DS invite in npc store (it is more easier to join in and make competition ) - Add Normal Skill in store for each Class Like Evil Spirit , Breche - Destroy Vip Server and Able Arena Map for Vip Users ( make more competition in normal events like medusa , golden invasion ,seluapan and other bosses) - Buff slightly Elf Ene and mage MG ... u have destroyed a Character Like This ( i hate elf ene too but is a class like each other ) - Focus your attention on this server , is the best u have maked so why continue create other servers when this is your main ?? - Fix Some Spot in all maps , double spots are no sense , is better have more spot but without double - Make more Easier the creation of wings lvl 1 and 2 maybe adding 1 rapier +11+opt on npc store and fix drop from loch's feather is really low for now is all , waiting your response with motivation greetings
  8. i don't hate no one btw i wrote only a thing about this no sense words , then i writed a constructive things for make new player , sorry if i saw tons of mu server sorry if i play from 0.97j i know when server have some problem , btw this server settings are good but don't have the right management... then how u can keep server alive with this post??? trying to make flame about who stay logged so much ???
  9. This phrase looks like a baby crying, and takes random phrases to make sense , if server is dying is not fault about gens or other things , but other little things , like management , For example, if at the beginning of the game there were more motivating equipment people would leave the game less, even seeing equipment at +7 people have a better motivation to move on. or skills ... in the end this is a high exp server, and if a person starts playing on a high exp server is because he does not have much desire or can not grind, so why not let him find the initial things in a store? at least the basic skills then the others if they drop them...btw if u wanna help server, do constructive posts and not posts with flame inside
  10. what the fuck it has to do with it?
  11. rush skills = rf skills ??