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  1. I wish to be join in that server whit mi old/original account and characters...saddly it is not possibly Its very frustrating. regards.
  2. http://img223.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=965477778_Sinttulo_122_885lo.jpg I dont know anithing about vietnamesse, but im pretty sure this noob insult mi mom. Lol really you´re PATETIC, and you are the buncher who Fate spoke me, worse....your a traitor. I have mother and i will kill any idiot who insult her, I HAVE BLOOD IN MY VEINS KID.
  3. http://img7.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=877215531_Screen03_07_07_51_0008_122_75lo.jpg This looser Jignoob insult mi mom yesterday (he does in the past but i just ignore it) in his native languague (vietnamesse) @Groot decline (again) a report whitout reason, next time directly i will leave the game because it is unadmisible insult a mother of someone and be safe whitout punishment. Please @Groot give me a explanation because its untolerable.
  4. Dont spam the post men.
  5. 1. My character link: https://warius.net/char/ScarfaceMG/remorse 2. Offender's character link: https://warius.net/char/JigSawDW/remorse 3. Broken rule: 1.6 4: Evidence: http://img7.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=877215531_Screen03_07_07_51_0008_122_75lo.jpg Can i tolerate everithing in game but dont mess whit mi mom, because that is SACRED FOR ME! (insult my mom in vietnamesse: "mẹ cái thằng ngu" that means son of.....)
  6. Reconect and press the key "expand"
  7. Good afternoon, first you need talk whit "Merchant Zyro"(he´s located in noria, davias or lorencia) Then you go to Lt6 in Death Knights spot and then u must to obtain 10 Ancient statues, when u reach these ammount locate Zyro and then u´ll get the bault expansion. Reconect after finish quest and your vault´ll be expanded pressing key "Expanded" Greetings.
  8. @Groot count whit my presence.
  9. Great player and best person. I wish you the best wherever you go, my friend. Success in your life and in every goal that you propose You will always be wellcome here. Regards
  10. Maybe do you need berseker glove? I dont need it, just pm me for free.
  11. Please @Deryos check that http://img269.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=359805586_123_122_102lo.jpg He is constantly i have more pics of him
  12. Oh im so scared please somebody help !!!!! Hahaha ur recognize then? ahha what a noob Dempa handle ur forum account too? LOL Really poor child pity here take it 1 buck go and buy a life and tell what it feels dumb kid. http://img230.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=873649178_1234_122_70lo.jpg
  13. Sorry dont recognize N/N or fake profiles....i dont know if you are dempa, HUHU, or wtvr...i speak only whit real persons not whit bots.
  14. Well these boys dont learn anymore, playing constantly whit the status of the server pk begginers players whitout a reason, blaming/conspiracy about everithing DAILY ..really it´s just so frustrated invite new players to join in our comunity and that skumbaks ruined all, dont have any respect for anithing here, Everyday appears 2 or 3 chars talking tons of crap like this subnormal especimen called "Dempah" and i suspect about more characters comes from him. @Groot pls do something whit him and his skumnoobs , everydays blaming the server god im so tired..... http://img269.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=359805586_123_122_102lo.jpg
  15. Lol ur funny dude, i really dont know Grouville i swear! btw Goku dont send pm to "Master" just blaming in general chat Nice try to pushing starters players to leave sv but believe me that´s not work here, you must to change your mind really. And im try to be onlline alltime here, helping and contribuite to the comunity grows, and allways whit begginers players who join us daily. So your not wellcome here. (for me at least in my humble opinion)