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  1. I have almost 6k agi and fire scream works as usual
  2. Are you really going to report everyone who says a single bad word now? This more looks like "Hey I don't like this guy please ban him".
  3. Gold channel should stay as it is - pvp. You should forget about crywolf if you don't plan on doing any pvp. Those who took those spots deserve them. Maybe you think that a random pleb who has put 0 effort in being top deserve one of the best spots? There are plenty of good spots. Do some research and find a decent one that you can hold instead of crying. Adding more spots is not a solution. Those who still didn't manage to get one of the best spots will keep crying no matter what.
  4. Can you still be killed on gold channel in battle maps?
  5. Thanks it fixed it. : ) Is there a way to avoid getting session broken?
  6. I have run into problem that has something to do with opera browser compatibility. While I had no issues making the first reset or transferring zen before first reset. Reaching second reset I found out that I'm unable to transfer zen or make reset. The page would reload but there would be no actions done. At first I thought it was my "unique" problem rather then website. After my friend running into same problem I decided to make this post. It could be easily fixed by using different browser but I much rather use my main browser.
  7. Elfs start in Noria not lorencia.
  8. Today i've acquired a pretty good looking ancient item http://imgur.com/a/2DJBa As I can see the set stats have been changed and you've surprised me in a good way. The question I have is the excellent damage chance from set of 2 / 3 / 4 additive as of 3+5+7 and ending up having total 15% or the bonus just goes up from 3 to 5 to 7? Also would it be possible for you to give out info about ancient sets as they are on your server or you want us to find it out our self?