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  1. I have almost 6k agi and fire scream works as usual
  2. Are you really going to report everyone who says a single bad word now? This more looks like "Hey I don't like this guy please ban him".
  3. Gold channel should stay as it is - pvp. You should forget about crywolf if you don't plan on doing any pvp. Those who took those spots deserve them. Maybe you think that a random pleb who has put 0 effort in being top deserve one of the best spots? There are plenty of good spots. Do some research and find a decent one that you can hold instead of crying. Adding more spots is not a solution. Those who still didn't manage to get one of the best spots will keep crying no matter what.
  4. Thanks it fixed it. : ) Is there a way to avoid getting session broken?
  5. I have run into problem that has something to do with opera browser compatibility. While I had no issues making the first reset or transferring zen before first reset. Reaching second reset I found out that I'm unable to transfer zen or make reset. The page would reload but there would be no actions done. At first I thought it was my "unique" problem rather then website. After my friend running into same problem I decided to make this post. It could be easily fixed by using different browser but I much rather use my main browser.
  6. Elfs start in Noria not lorencia.
  7. Today i've acquired a pretty good looking ancient item http://imgur.com/a/2DJBa As I can see the set stats have been changed and you've surprised me in a good way. The question I have is the excellent damage chance from set of 2 / 3 / 4 additive as of 3+5+7 and ending up having total 15% or the bonus just goes up from 3 to 5 to 7? Also would it be possible for you to give out info about ancient sets as they are on your server or you want us to find it out our self?