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  1. Either way i don't mind. Ofc they completely broke one side of the character leaving only STR builds and spells, but oh well what you gonna do about it. She's still fun to play and a good break from all the classic chars (and the few not-so-new characters) and i love how her gear looks. Elf owns everyone in PvP anyways because Ice Arrow + Superior range Sorry for double post.
  2. How about you read? It won't proc because it's bugged It's bugged because CD is 1SEC instead of 0.5SEC as it should be So lots of hits do NOT register, no dmg, no nothing, just locked in animation and 1SEC+ of DPS missed which is a lot. Basically admins of the server FORCE to use STR skills only because they deal more dmg and they're not bugged. So max agility until you can survive your target LVLing areas and then start putting into strength because DPS is much higher and spells work. But oh wait. Where is my cc?????
  3. I'm talking general mechanics, in which Elf can own any melee by Ice Shot as well as give powerful buffs ^^
  4. Something tells me you don't know how to play AE if you don't know what Ice Shot is and how extremely powerful it is in PvP Guess that PvE damage comes with a cost of being powerful in PvP ^^
  5. Ice Shot -> Any damaing spell here Aand that's it, all classes die (Melee classes have a higher chance to die) So no, Elf doesn't need a buff... What needs a buff is GL's Shining Peak and Magic Pin because in Masteries Magic Pin has a stun, pretty much the only CC GL has, and it gets removed because spell is buggy because the CD for the spells are too long (1sec vs 0.5 sec as it should be.) GL can never win Elf in a duel because no CC ^^
  6. Same way you make Cape for Dark Lord.
  7. I have a feeling it's my Kundun staff that i've put on sale so just check who bought it on market as well from me, just in case? Kros is it the Staff of Kundun +Luck +Additional Wizardy Dmg +8 + Increases Dmg by 1 every 20Lvl + 2% ?
  8. Excellent Dragon boots +L +DD +DSR or +RD just disappeared from my vault and market. I've taken out the Dragon Boots from the market because one person wanted to buy it, person later didn't reply so i've put it back, upon entering the price error showed up "Incorrect item number" and the item just disappeared from Vault and it's not in the market either.
  9. Acheron, Karutan, hell even Aida2 (double spot), Kanturu 2 (double spot) with gold VIP will earn you lots of exp.
  10. Oh you must be new? 130 Gold, Many Silver, Many Bronze (when they were activated) so probably around 250 people times it by 5 it's nearly the whole population of the server because i think you have to know the sad truth that most people use multi accounts hence why population number is so high. I might exaggerate that it's 90% but the system was released for merely few hours, more people will catch on. Among those people are those who do not like the way that cash shop will be on this server. So you cannot go around and say stupid shit like as if everyone is like a jew and doesn't spend a dime on entertainment when in fact they do. I do, and i complain. I complain because i'd like a better change even if i support the project. If you want this server to just be another mu server that is riddled with p2w trash go ahead. One thing that doesn't go through your head is that it's not necessary for cash shop to get removed. It's just that only items that can be obtained in game should be sold, and that's not 3 options. 2 options should be max and will create a great environment where people will farm for socket items and it'll be fair, fun and rewarding. People will still buy 2 option excellent gear because most people run 1 option or white items +7-9 right now.
  11. Also good luck winning CS against FO and good luck in world PvP! You could just make it 2 opts because even top players don't have dd+hp dd+ref ref+hp gear most wear 1 opt or white +9 gear. Do you know how much fun would that be? It would be balanced in CS. It would make fighting Selupan and getting Socket items rewarding. Balanced World PvP. Now all you do is give endgame items and let the game be ruled ONLY by donators. Lol... 30 on this thread already agree that Cash shop shouldn't be broken as you guys plan it to be. Times it by average of 3 multi accounts and that's 90 people already which is 1/5th of actual player base. inb4 "if you don't like it then leave" well i mean that's a great way of keeping your word of keeping the game balanced isn't it haha
  12. Ah so your excuse is "if others do it, then do it too" despite server administration promised balance out of all things. They get $1500+ already from VIP subscriptions that's enough for everything. Also you say stupid crap all the time about how everyone is a free player, how no one will spend money yet 90% of people bought VIP already LOL.
  13. Same right now ^^
  14. They won't listen ^^ They're "listening" to community but actually never listen, they will keep their ideas and whole excuse of "we made it 3 opt so it's all good now" is stupid because 3 opts do not drop and 3 opts is exactly as fo in PvP, which is the whole point of the game... Good luck fighting selupan when FO people will come and rape you
  15. Oh, i just thought it would break or something haha. That's neat. Thanks for the info.