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  1. So you are telling me that the difference of a pretty endgame sword and the difference of 2 random sword i bought from the NPC is 700 dmg? Why would anyone try to farm any better gear then when the difference is so insignificant? Nvm then maybe it's because on the official server 700 dmg difference is a lot and this is a RR server. Sorry for spam
  2. already tested same outcome with same mobs too
  3. Hello I did some tests just now and I realised that attack is completely bugged. No matter what weapon you use you do the same damage. It doesnt matter if you use 2 short swords or 2 endgame sword you do the same damage. Screenshots: Exc Destruction Sword + 9 + Rune Bastard Sword +9 Short sword + Axe Im pretty sure it's not supposed to be like that. Secondly the Master Skill Power Slash has 0 Base Damage, which is not like the describtion says.
  4. I just joined Hope and i think the members are really nice. When i played solo i've never seen any Hope members killing other people over some golden mobs. Unlike Prestige retards who take everything for themselves and leave nothing for other people. Good day
  5. Hey guys I've read the guide on crafting these weapons but i cant use the ingredients. I wanted to know how to obtain these cuz i saw some people with these weapons around and have no idea where to find them. Anybody knows? Server Genesis