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  1. So it's a full server wipe?
  2. Interested in helm, pants,gloves,boots.
  3. B> AMBITION 2-3 SOCKET! Pay well
  4. Maybe 2 sock items wouldn't be too bad idea.
  5. I think zen prices should be /2 in that case.. if you can make resets fast but can't get enough zen to continue reseting then what's the point?
  6. Admins already make events @HEROofGOD
  7. Make them all x1000 except every 10th rr
  8. maybe on genesis there is no need for it but for x25 it would be useful thing.
  9. The Dark Knight
  10. late again...
  11. title says it all. Message here or in-game (wueue). Pay well.
  12. ITS 15:02 WHERE IS IT
  13. Still question remains - why did I get stuck again. ( you can see at some parts of clip )
  14. thanks, one question less.
  15. lol had no idea ive killed that many...