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  1. Tak když v aida2 může být 10 monster (expy jsou skoro stejné), tak proč tam nemůže být 8 :-)
  2. Hello, I would like to ask why there are only 4 monsters in the Kanturu map on the 79 140? Since it is a rather challenging map, would not it be nice to give this spot ideally double the monsters?
  3. VIP

    So I did not know that this is how to do this :-) though it's a bit annoying, but thanks!
  4. VIP

    Hi. Why at VIP is the exp bonus on Gold Server only? Because the NoN-PvP Gold Server is, the player does not get to Aida, Kanturu, which I think is the best exp. Would not you like to put this expense bonus on the PvP server? Thank you in advance for your reply.
  5. Many of you do not know this char and see it for the first time. I will try to write a little lesson on how to play the most efficiently. So. I will begin with the distribution of stats: 0-15 res (Ene 200, Vit 25, Agi 500, STR the rest of the points) 15-30 res (Ene 200, Vit 25, Agi 1500, STR the rest of the points) 30-50 res (Ene 200, Str 12767 max, Agi gradually to max, Vit the rest of the points) In which maps do you gain experience? 0-5 res (Icarus) 5-17 res (Kanturu2) 17-28 res (Karutan2) 28-50 res (Aida2) How to have a helper set up correctly? Of course, things are a bit different depending on the items you have.
  6. Hello, since I play GL for the first time, I'd like to ask about ML where to give points. Because there is a limited number of ML points, I would like to know where the best points are. Thank you in advance for your reply.
  7. Tak třeba v tom BC +7 jsem na 50rr dával 3.8 monster za sekundu, takže když vezmu 13 minut zabíjení monster, tak se dostaneme někde na 2964 monster. Spíš by mě zajímalo, jaká je pravděpodobnost na tu bednu, protože mě taky ještě nikdy nepadla a to věřím, že jsem počet zabitých monster splnil.
  8. So bc +7 only ?
  9. Hello, I would like to ask you about ruud. I was in bc +3, where I thought helper was 3.5 kills per second. After submitting the quest I received no master box but only JoC. I'd like to ask what I'm doing wrong.
  10. K čemu ale potom to bc je ? :-D
  11. I made a video from bc +5.
  12. Hello, today I went to BC +5 and I was surprised that there was no drop in this BC. When I was in BC +3, the drop was good. I wonder if you know about this problem?