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  1. ps. Phyron i'm feeling you man
  2. As you can see in the above screenshot I took, the bonus is not +1000HP as the socket guide suggests, but only +200HP. The bonus is pretty weak in terms of game balance.
  3. Look ive got 3-socket gloves with these seeds, in the respective order: Water seed level 4. Maximum seed level 5. Damage decrease level 5. The socket bonus for the above is +200HP, not +800HP or anything else. Is this normal and how it was supposed to be? The socket guide is misleading.
  4. Hm but its a level 4 seed there in the gloves and if following that logic its still adds only 200hp (from the bonus). I am confused.
  5. Regarding some information found in the above link, it suggests that if you insert Earth+Wind+Water seeds in an Armor socket set piece, you can gain a +1000HP bonus. I have followed the above instructions but! the actual bonus will be +200HP points, not +1000HP points as displayed in the guide. Misleading and disappointing! Please amend.
  6. Some damage cannot be absorbed or decreased, such as weapon 380+pvp option damage, blade master's combo damage etc, these damages are not altered in any way by any damage modifiers.
  7. well ive tested it, 5 items+dd (25%dd) +5johDD +2RingsDD, 60%dd. All of it is effective. Have still to confirm whether the cap is higher than 60%.
  8. Could anyone confirm what is the max damage decrease percentage achievable in this server until it no longer has any effect in both pvp and pvm? Example: if the DD cap/limit is 60%, and you have 70%dd on your character, while you take 100 damage, you will only absorb 60 damage and not 70 damage.
  9. The above skill does not work. I had 0 sd points left, and sd recovery would simply do nothing. Any help please?
  10. Additionaly as far as the damage decrease percentage is concerned, I would like to know if and what is the cap of it in this server? In official muonline (run by Webzen) damage reduction is capped at 60% no matter how you reach this cap/equip your character (joh dd, or socket items+dd, or combination of both). Not to mention I had spent so many many coins, just to +13 the whole set, and then in the end to be so disappointed by the game mechanics allowing such a disproportionate imbalance between normal characters and Grow Lancer in PVP terms, its just disgusting.
  11. Thank you for your reply. Did you check my vault? I had two different sets, one is pure +dd+johdd, the other ancient (damage set). I had used damage reduction set (dd+joh dd) 90% of the time I have been in castle siege and I am repeating this again, i had been one hitted. Its not normal honestly, that includes wearing 3rd wings and having sb buff on top of it all.
  12. Its damange is way too overpowered in pvp terms. Having 25k hp, 65%asborb off the wings, 50%dd, and Soul Barrier buff on top and getting 1 hitted.. This is the most abnormal experience I have faced in this server. And you think people going or willing to play here competitively while this kind of nonsense is being overlooked in pvp (castle siege) ? There is simply no fun, no fun at all and you literally see no point in building your character any further, cause there is SIMPLY NO POINT, no matter how much defence/damage absorb u might have you still get a one hit knock out. Just lol. NO BALANCE whatsoever, none.
  13. +24dmg = 3% +28dmg = 3% + 4dmg = 6%