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  1. @jiemarcepe whatever you say my friend. keep it up peace
  2. sure bro come and join. always welcome. lets defend the castle ^^
  3. greetings. We, 00psv00 GUILD is recruiting guild members for CS this coming sunday ^^ all are welcome newbies and old players. simple rules be active, friendly and no trashtalking (even with opposing guild and gens) shout out to all HOPE guild members around JOIN US you can pm PAKSHET V-gens PEACEOUT! o_O
  4. nice ^^ keep it up bro.
  5. messaged you already about this pls reply.
  6. how muhc is it? would you post the price i mean expected orice you want for it.
  7. hi so i was playing the other day and decided to change my password for security reasons. and i logged in INgame and all came out normal with the new password i changed. but whenim trying to log-in on the website page for my rebirth i says i cannot login and its either my password or username is wrong. can someone help me out. i tried using both old and new but still same log-in error.