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  1. only Luck stays on items , add opt and harmony will gone after upgrade
  2. Fantic please dont match us to prestige , members are almost the same as Prestige but we are not them ... and to guys from mine @ , dont forget in what @ are you now we DontCry , remember that pls . Cheers Maciej
  3. yes
  4. master box gives random reward sometime jwls sometimes ruud Cheers Maciej
  5. as we can see at video he kill mobs at 1 hit using regullar attack , i check his agi 4k , its that strange ? if its not enought i have move video for him IGN HandSome
  6. +1 Smithy have no sense for me
  7. EleeriBM /server Vip/Normal / Battle Master class /reset count : 10
  8. Hello Groot , one question , how about paysave card donation option via paymentwall ? as i know a lot of guys complain about that , its good solution to donate and dont need account :)`