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  1. do you have wind ones?
  2. doh nice one Phy - you nailed it.
  3. keep getting a "Item cannot be brought" error whenever I try to buy a seal of ascension from the store. I have wc etc. Character is 'Polaris'.
  4. If I go from the event square to somewhere without a VIP helper I can't get the VIP buff. I'm paying for convenience and that buff. This solution offers neither.
  5. Someone please answer me on this "Cannot move on Non-PK server" issue please. I've got 3 accounts that can't access a big chunk of the server I'm paying for.
  6. I can get from Event Square to Aida but if I return to somewhere like Noria then battlezones are again inaccessible. Can I have some kind of fix please?
  7. that puts me on the main server? Every time I go anywhere from Event square I am on server 1.
  8. am I the only one getting the "Cannot move on Non-PK server" error? Nobody seems to be talking about it.
  9. I'm guessing the patch has something to do with the "Cannot move on non-PVP server" error I'm getting on Gen 2?
  10. I completed the storage expansion quest a second time and I have it back and I assume the items you see in the inventory are the ones I put in there yesterday once the quest completed. At any rate I'm all good now. Thanks.
  11. you pasted me a link before the merge that would allow me to delete my space cloth which I used to clear my inventory. It's reset my quests for Zyro so I can complete the statue one again. I'll complete that quest again and I'm all good.
  12. Yes quite sure. My character name is Rafe.
  13. Hi I lost my expanded inventory after transitioning to Genesis from Asteria. Is there a way to recover it? I got it from completing the statue quest and I'm now on the space cloth quest so I imagine its unlikely I can repeat the quest. Is there a fix or a way to recover it? I don't want to waste wcoins on something I already had.
  14. Asteria: Rafe Genesis: Rafe Cheers dude.