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  1. Hi look at that ,i was Register and then i press" leave CS "and now i am no more Register and i cant Register because ,Guard sayet i am already Register.. someone can help me with this? Thanks ! https://g36t.imgup.net/Screen02_21fba.jpg
  2. Age: 38 years old My online time a day: 7 days a week more than 10 hours a day Where do I live/education: I live in Germany, the Frankfurt area. College education Type of activities I want to get involved into: any type of online and gaming event, forum moderation and enabling conversations between online users. I am a MU enthusiast, started playing it 15 years ago (yeah, I know) and kept doing this with tons of excitement while playing with friends from all over the world. A bit about myself: Since I was little, I fell in love technology, computers and gaming. Played tons of consoles starting from Atari, Sega, Commodore went through Playstation and ended up on my super powerful desktop/laptop. I am a fun person to work with, super excited and passioned about what I do and also an individual you can rely on. I don't lose my temper easily and am able to deal with multiple tasks at a time. I am hapily married and have a baby boy which I am super proud of. I speak fluently German, English and Romanian and know jokes in all these languages Your Skype: neamzzu_mg
  3. i will be there
  4. Somethink need to be done with this...stone heart's kids !!! just make a pool Groot to see who wanna skumbag gone and who dont !
  5. here link What is this?He have insult me 2 or 3 times...second time Thanks !
  6. Ah and now you make me stupid ? How u can see Dear Admin , this ppl are very bad ,he just injured me here... i have nothink to say to you both ... People Hunters ! i wait Admin decision !
  7. Ahahahahaha !!! u guys are very funny...we are here not in the Kindergarden ! like i say i was talking with Scarface and Ratat=Looser so this is nothink...i hope u will get banned for hunting ppl
  8. no no this has nothink to do with pk... hunt its mean hunting not pk...U are a Players Hunter ! like i say...i was not talking with u or with Dempach...btw why Dempach are posting here? ahh...yes he wanna have more posts and he wanna aprove you what u are lying here , he is also like u and he is from your Guild, he have no right to post somethnik if he have nothink to do ! Ahhh yes i forgot, your post its the same as Depmach , how i can see here Kunka have nothink to do with you or with Dempah I cant see he speak with u i cant see this...i
  9. She is my wife...Thanks...i wanna se your girl friend, if u have one?:D
  10. Ahahahahah ! i can see from your picture you wanted to hunt Kunka and his elf, u say clear ( lets hunt Kunka) omg...so bad..
  11. this is a bad joke or what? he hunt ppl because he is scared,and rulle 1,6 its for someone who swear him propely, but i was not talking with him and i was not talking about Admin ! how u can see i dont say he s name i was talking with Scarface ! he can prove this i will summon him to post here.... and agein i was talking with Scarface and with my team mates.HE is just jealousy because i buy 380 set from Smithy and he have no money for it...and he want me out of this server,out of his competition...He is a Player Hunter ! no more i can pruf to you with another hunting players , of another servers, he do the same He start hunting ppl who have money...
  12. I have for u mg with 44 RR...with wings lvl 2,5 +lk+ignore+9...weapon lk+edr+mana+9...and set with zen Storm Crow and set with comb Huricane EXC. opt...and more if u pay well
  13. Agree !!!