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  1. Still searching.. Ign: PsolarasRF feel free to send me ur offer (Asteria x25)
  2. IGN: PsolarasRF pm in game (ASTERIA x25)
  3. Buy ancient hero soul = 300 wc each or Buy vicius,hyon,gywen,aruan,broy,anubis,muren,gaion,vega,chamer,semeden,chrono,carthy,camil, + LUCK (ASTERIA)
  4. its ok if we reach 250 acive daily members!! newcomers are welcome feel free to ask for help
  5. red dragon event , LAND OF TRIALS ,Cherry blossom golden (255)
  6. Warius is from the best non-bug server i've ever played!! but still its servers dying so fast and idk why...
  7. genesis will be down in about 2-3 weeks... i hope not but im sad it will
  8. Its a material that u need to create 2.5 lvl wings
  9. does that server have a web shop or just player's market?
  10. i have broy pants!!
  11. pm ur prize here or ingame name: PsolarasRF
  12. i got some problems with offvelel system!! my rf uses Dragon roar after i go on offlevel but seems it doesnt loot smthing!! also hit very low or 0 dmg