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  1. On September 14 at 17:00-18:00 technical works will be done on our server. Tech. work purpose: Update server engine and make some configuration changes. List of changes (changelog): Additional improvements towards Anti-Cheat system. Fixed all 'rush' skills that have come to the conflict with the Anti-Cheat system. Some fixes with the reconnect system. Extension to the 'cancel item sale' system, supports pentagrams. Fixed Earth seed on agility. Defense in the panel 'C' is now displayed on the server side. Wing option + Ignore is now displayed in the panel 'C'. Fixed entry into the CC with the active party through the party matching system. The chance to stun with Earthshake when Earthshake Mastery is fully upgraded is increased to 90.07%. The cost of Sealed Stone Shard, Darkangel Anvil and Holyangel Spirit is reduced to 300 Ruud. After an update, some of the client files will be updated automatically.
  2. If you have two video cards (say one built in Intel and the second nvidia), then you have to connect it with the second nvidia card, go to the control panel video card and change the settings. If you have just a build Intel graphics card, then there's no fix I'm afraid.
  3. Ooh you're talking about the socket bonus. Information in the guide has been updated. So the bonus should be +200 life the way it is. Kind regards, Groot
  4. Replied, please sent us following instructions so we could sort this out.
  5. Will be fixed with an upcoming patch. Have a good day, Groot
  6. Bank transfer payment method is available in many countries, including Latvia. Just click on the arrow couple of times in order to switch payment methods.
  7. Mobile payments are not and won't be available on our server, as they charge too much. Please use another alternative.
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    Turns out so.
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    Well, kanturu is not a battle map, so you should be able to get there. By the way, even on webzen you can't move to the battle locations on the gold server. And if someone is struggling on how to get to NoN-PvP battle locations on the Gold server, just follow these steps: 1. Go to normal server 2. Make a move to battle map 3. Select server 4. Go to gold server
  10. 1.6. 'It is not allowed to offend any of player's relatives or family members.' Punishment: 3 day chat ban.
  11. Yes, because you haven't upgraded it to level 5 yet. Level 1 socket gives you +200 hp, level 2 +400 hp and so on.
  12. We have lowered zen option for BA/DA/HA items. Kind regards, Groot
  13. X shop will be available from the start, however besides seals, this time we have also reduced all the pet and transformation ring % of gained experience, accordingly donators won't have that big advantage.
  14. The skill itself works fine, the range is just bugged. As I already told you, it will be fixed as soon as we get hands on it.
  15. Full information is available here. Have a good day archiic, Groot