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  1. Let me a message here with the price if anyone has for sale . Thx
  2. What suddenly happened with population on asteria ? From 300 + down to 100+ ... in a matter of days .. this will happen to genesis aswell ? After 1 month of playing everyone will leave ? Quit playing ? It's sad ... something you are not doing right groot or i can't explain what's happening ..
  3. Put them on market raik4.300 wcoins
  4. Ok ... still looking for broy pants .. 300 wcoins
  5. Offering 200 wcoins for broy pants .. if anyone interested
  6. So , nobody ?
  7. Buy broy adamantine pants , let me here a message or give me a message in private with the price . Thx
  8. So Sm uses evil spirit and GL uses breeche skill ? Only breeche or other skills aswell ? Groot said it uses all the skillsin that specified order ..
  9. Velvettear / Vip / Grow lancer / 382 / 3 resets
  10. Yeah something is not right with the offlevel system , or only with GL class . It has periods when he stopes atacking , after atacks again , and i have pendant and weapon with mana so mana is not a problem .
  11. Oki . I'll wait maybe he will be online in the next hours , days
  12. He probably filles all the ranks and he doesn't need any more members i'm guessing .. i waited for an answer to and nothing ..
  13. Grow lancer here , 2 resets , vip account . Still recruiting ?
  14. As the title says ... tell me the prices here if anyone is interested in selling . Thx
  15. Hello. Any player that can explain how to use offlevel effectively ? i have a GL 1 reset , got pendant and weapon with mana and still can`t level ... i run out of mana , out of AG . Should i go to low level mobs ? i have no idea how this offlevel is any good . So please if anyone knows and is willing to share that info with me , a hint a tip anything would be apreciated . Thx in advance