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  1. Yeah sorry i was just being a salty little child because i didnt win like i have in the past lol, Apologies @ team and those who read this pls delete.
  2. OMG just got another 100bless after every single other blue one failed SO UPDATE: 400wcoins=230bless guys
  3. So, I have been mining since the start of genesis. At the very start, me and my friends were gaining very good amounts of bless, atleast 1-300 per picke axe. Well guess what, Expect to see a huge nerf in patch notes, I feel like i have wasted about 400+wcoins for 100bless? 100? NO 132 BLESS dO YOU REALLY THINK THIS IS OK NOW??? WITHOUT EVEN TELLING ME SO I WASTE MY MONEY ON THIS CRAP THAT YIELDS NO REWARDS??????? I dont rage about anything, but i feel pretty ripped off right now, especially as i need the bless, If i wanted 130bless for 400wcoins id buy it off the freakin market mate. Heres some screenshots as proof of a new failed system. http://imgur.com/a/q9goS
  4. Critical please remove all these posts when you see this for clean guild recruitment enviroment
  5. Wow haha how childish to write a massive paragraph on this like your some king. Massive mix of words there, Did not say anyone isnt loyal to you i said not everyone agrees with you thinking your entitled to the 3rd wings i made for free dude. Thats never been asked of no one. YOU said Lets team up to make wings or some nonsense, wasnt too keen as i was the one mining and swapping bless for souls n lifes, gave you alot. YOU said "If you get dl wings give to me and if i get bk wings i give to you" I said, "If you get bk wings ill buy them for wc or trade for dl if i get them" Your taking this so over the top because you didnt get some 3rd wings+True damage 5% for free, Be a normal person and move on.
  6. Dark Lord 3rd Cloak (Cape of the Emperor) + 0+True Damage 5% = Any Blade Knight 3rd wings (Wings of Storm) Theres no catch, Its early in the server so not many wings around and would like mine asap!!!
  7. Says the retard who falmes his members and crys over not getting Free 4rd Wings+Ignore? Your an idiot Pure and your 12 years old. Someone needs to kick you because you make the guild suck, you start the problems and the strong players end them, your weak
  8. Spanky and his little group were spamming a name at me, They now call me sleeves, or sleeveless, MY GrowLancer has a new name Haha wasnt asking for fix just wondering if this how leather looks here tyty
  9. We see a pattern here, 2 very sad similar people, That only log on to a game to make it unenjoyable for others, GM What you gonna do about this hm?
  10. Life is Great
  11. https://www.facebook.com/jayden.ryan.56
  12. Even had to block this sad kid on 3 alts, Majority of guild blocked him also, This is a joke.
  13. http://imgur.com/a/MJ9My
  14. Hello, I know each server is different..And i remember that to have your leather set display properly on mu you need class upgrade to 2nd. My problem is, I have full Leather Set Exe+13 as i love the look with 3rd wings BK, The sleeves are not showing (Sleeveless) Is this intended or a bug? I miss my iconic full golden set, The sleeves being plain in color completely ruin the +13 effect and look. Please help me as Visuals of character are very important to me and others!
  15. Hey Groot, Awesome to know thank you for the swift response i timed that great