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  1. If it's a no-reset x25 then it will help because people will afk most of the time anyway. Off-topic : I see you're opening a x25 reset server, man, smh.
  2. With 200+ people and off-level, you'll finally achieve the title as "Ghost Server". People can just off-level everytime and just login on weekends or totally forget that they ever played in this server.
  3. Called it.
  4. 1. This bug was never fixed since launch, the only way to finish BC like this is to play as SM and teleport. There's no other way. 2. Scaling problem maybe, try 1280x720 3. No comment 4. CM is pretty much pure luck. JOL got 50% chance, sometimes i get +16 with 4 JOLs and other times with 60 JOLs.
  5. If you want your players to stay active, you can host several events be it daily or weekly. 1 vs 1 Tournament - The number of participants is up to you. Mechanics is really simple, single elimination, winner gets a reward like 1 lvl 4 Seed Sphere. - Event shall be held once a week to keep the economy healthy by not flooding it with good seeds (DD, HP, REF). 3 vs 3, 5 vs 5, 10 vs 10 Guild War - Same mechanics as 1 vs 1 except the map will be bigger. Participants will have to decide if they will all go full damager, tank, healer, etc., to win. - You decide on the prize. - Event shall be held once a week. Since CS is held every sunday, these events can be held every tuesday and thursday respectively and leave friday-saturday as preparation for CS. Think of events that are worth preparing for. Hide & Seek, Fill in the blanks, etc, are boring ass events. If you can gather at least 100 unique players on the same day, the event can last for few hours and it will be fun to watch.
  6. If you have a Skylake CPU then you would be having a hard time looking for a proper driver, if you have a Haswell CPU or older, go to Intel's download center and try older drivers 1 by 1, it will take some time but totally worth it.
  7. Events are on different server like CW so VIP won't work.
  8. How does it work? In website, you'll be able to save 2 stat builds which you can activate anytime you want. This is very useful for people who want to go full damage build for PVM and switch to balanced build for PVP or for people who have 2 different PVP builds. You can charge the players monthly for around 100wc.
  9. Some of us have tried and failed in countering high damage builds, even high HP + full defense MST doesn't seem to work. As you keep on insisting that PVP is balanced, we have always seen that as not being the case. You have altered some contents in-game, harmony options and such, so it's quite difficult to find a good defense build when your only source of info is the webzen forum. I want to know the reason behind these changes. Did these changes really balance PVP? Was PVP designed to last for a couple of seconds? We have a lot of questions and I'm pretty sure no one wants to wait for months or spend a lot of wcoin to find an answer to his one question regarding end-game content. My request is simple, open a test server and we will post our findings regarding certain things. It's better to share information and have everyone in best builds to make CS more fun and satisfying. When I started playing here around 3 days after launch, I was hoping that you weren't just here for the money, but, now its starting to look like it. It's like Gints all over again. @Groot @Deryos @hoang
  10. Try SM/MG vs DL/BK/Summ/GL at 40+ rr and you'll see what I'm talking about.
  11. Poison ticks every 2-3 seconds and the damage decreases along with the mob's HP. Other classes has more DPS than an eMG, eMG is the shittiest build next to command DL PVM-wise. The example I gave about BC is related to the topic, the GL kicked my ass at gate and at statue, that's how powerful they are and how fast they can kill boss mobs in a tank-and-spank battle.
  12. eMG is shit, deals 1/3 the damage of sMG. DL, BK, Summ, sMG, GL deals massive damage at high RR. I had a full damage build SM at 49rr but then a 41rr GL kicked my ass in BC.
  13. That's why you create an alt for hunting so your main can focus on leveling. If you want all classes to be able to compete for golden/red mobs, you can do it at high RR.
  14. SPARTA was the russian guild we competed with at 1st CS but they left after that. Remnants of FURY guild created United (Iuga, fate, scarfacemg, etc.). But yeah, most of the PKers for fun left after admin refused to rollback due to the xp bug issue, we're the only ones left but we're not that active now. You'll just see me occasionally PKing and messing up spots.
  15. I don't know if XP Bug affected CW but only 5 of our members stayed there and got fast resets (Dempah and group). CW got 3 spots, 1 occupied by SKUMBAGS, 1 by FURY, and 1 by SPARTA. The rest of our VIP members fought for spot in S3 which turned into a PK fest server. I was never a VIP and I never donated but worked my way to 50rr. We don't mind being hated by everyone but hey, at least be fair with the labeling, all VIPs (which was around 100 or so) on that span of xp bug benefited from it :).