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  1. Get quest from Zyro (Lorencia right side of bar / Noria near acheron warp / Devias right side of 2nd tavern from the bottom of map / Elbeland south exit). Then go farm 10 ancient statues from Death Knights (yes, 10 statues) which should take you around 24h or so to complete.
  2. If you're a loser then it's not wrong.
  3. if you only ban those high RR, what about those who stayed at lower spot and enjoyed the exp bug? You'll exclude them? That will be unfair because they are as guilty as the high RR players.
  4. That's your reason for banning SKUMBAG? If that's the case, all VIPs from launch until the fix should be banned for bug abuse, knowingly or unknowingly, there's no way to determine that so just ban them all including you who got VIP before the fix.
  5. That shit again?
  6. Yep. SM is actually strong if played correctly.
  7. A 30rr MG can kill my 49rr+97ML SM quite fast if I just let him hit me. I can kill him without losing any HP though if I evade his attacks and kite him.
  8. Selupan is like a GGD with 5 min time limit and 48hrs respawn time. All bosses takes some time to kill. Putting all valuable drops and allowing PVP in event maps will just make items harder to obtain because it only takes 2 parties alternating 24/7 to kill everyone and hoard the items for themselves.
  9. IMO, I like how it is configured at the moment. The only problem that I'm seeing is the lack of players. We need more players for the market to flow, everyone will eventually have end-game gears and market will just die.
  10. Do you know how to kite? You need to survive long enough to kill anyone and that is the trickiest part. I won't tell you how, it's something you need to figure out by yourself. SM is not weak, you just need to know how to counter each class with a proper build.
  11. I'm an SM and I can kill anyone just fine.
  12. Alright, Hades or Dark Devil I don't care. I need all parts.
  13. Ohhhh, nice, I like killing sneks.
  14. Lowering zen drop - Zen is already valuable, lowbies who don't have farmers and zen sets sell jewels for zen. Lowering jewel drop rate - if jewels will have low drop rate, they will just sell them all for wcoins and get a +14 item from smithy. Events - Those events you mentioned are already dropping jewels and valuable items. Item upgrade - Pointless. Silver/Golden box - they drop ancient and exc items and they're obtainable from Gaion and Doppleganger events which is fine. If you drop these boxes on regular maps then we'll be flooded with ancients (we already are though) and prices will just go lower than what it is now. Bosses - Selupan drops 3socket items, Medusa drops 2 socket items, Kundun and Nightmare drops 380 items. Spots/Party/Leveling - I'll just party my 4 farmers and go PK spree. ez.
  15. But it's fugly.