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  1. Hi there There is a few changes that whould really make the game better and moore atractable to new players as well. Talking only about x30 server 1. Gloden monster HP till Kundum +3...Hp needs to be decreased a lot...cose atm, by the time player actually can kill it, he dosent need that drop anymoore...makes goldens usless. 2. Chaos machine %....have burned 3 Anccient items already, witch isnt so easy to get (makeing hero soul)...makeing it +10 u have only 50% chance of sucsess....item desapearance % is too big, as all 3 items disapeard in a row. Condors Feather.....fails much mooore then sucseeds...guild has used moore then 1k souls and bless and have created 2 feather so far, witch also failed. So noone is even thinking about creating 3rd wings anymoore as its to nerve takeing (dosent give u the game plesure, when u kinda know u gona fail anyway) 3. Starting map spots....need to make them bigger, except Emberland..its perfect 4. LVL restriction on wings and items,.....i understad that u dont whant player with one rr be going around with gear that by his stats he cant wear.....this working alright, but after 5 rr its just annoying that u cant wear Monster wings till lvl 226, and set thats lvl 100...makes your inventory unnesasary please atleast take off lvl restrictions 5. Fenrir items....seen one in 18 ressets, increase drop for it, its hard enogh to make it, collecting it shouldnt be such a problem atleast. Thank u for reading. With Regards Lucian
  2. Will try that..i sent her brother to her house to fix it, hope he can solve this. Will keep u updated if he finds solution, so u can help other too.
  3. Isntalled and game doesn't switch on now
  4. my girlfriends laptop dosen't show inventory background