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  1. Transfer successfully completed, server online.
  2. Accounted.
  3. Just visual bug, but it's already fixed in next patch.
  4. Accounted.
  5. Tech. works finished. Server online!
  6. You can't buy it if you have 3rd quest done.
  7. Yes, included.
  8. Nothing here to check, this is how EE formula work on our server for balance of all classes.
  9. It's not a bug, since s11/s12 release webzen blocked normal seal purchase when you have reached 3rd class. Master seals as always work only for ML exp.
  10. You leveling on Blood Soldier in Kalima-4 right? On this mobs you can't UP your ML. For up ML you need mobs with level 75 and above, on Necron in Kalima-4 for example.
  11. Provide link to your character and then maybe we can assist you. Also tell us where you leveling and what is your character level at this moment.
  12. First of all snakes HP decreased with last patch, second - you need more resets to kill them.
  13. Restore your password here