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  2. Esca, share these Asuras while u dont use them lol P.S Psilo
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  4. The particular patch, in addition to all other changes, presents to your attention a new event - Maze of Dimensions. It is sort of labyrinth, where players have to find the shortest path from the start to the finish, at the same time killing monsters and passing related quests. In total, there are seven stages, subsequently with each stage players will have to face with more complex paths. Since it can take quite a long time to complete these stages, on our server Maze of Dimensions is presented as an event for farming Ruud. All the details can be found in this guide. Furthermore, all the changelog is listed below. Events: Fixed cases in which boss Nix did not cause any damage. The reward for the Gens quests that gives 500 contribution points has been reduced to 20 contribution points. Changes were made towards the statue drop in the BC. In those rare cases when the quest item could not fall - now it must fall (observations are necessary). Options and characteristics: Defense values on some of the item parts are displayed correctly now. Ignore Defense characteristic is displayed correctly now. All socket bonuses are working properly now. Values that adds extra defense from the VIP buff have been corrected. SX excl. options have been changed, their values have been updated. PvP refinery option on weapons has been decreased from 500 to 200 additional damage. Added PvP refinery options to all Mastery sets and weapons. Blessed Archangel's Min+Max dmg and Wiz dmg has been improved. Skills: Archangel's Will skill now lasts for 1 minute, cooldown has been set to 10 seconds. Master skill Dark Spirit has been fixed. Castle Siege: HP on Castle Siege's Gates have been decreased. HP on Castle Siege's Life Stone have been increased. Accumulated Castle Siege seconds are now reseted when GM leaves the throne room - doesn't matter if he was killed, teleported or he just exited "on foot". Others: Party member display on the map has been fixed. Span between mobs on the spot coordinates have been reduced. For a successful game entry update your game client using Launcher. If you are still experiencing any troubles with auto-updater, download Patcher in the Files section.
  5. Maze of Dimensions - a labyrinth event, where players have to find the shortest path from the start to the finish, at the same time killing monsters and passing related quests. How to get inside You can enter the maze through 'Dimensional Gate' at Event Map Square (236, 58). Only individual characters can enter, and no party entry is permitted, as well it is required to complete 3rd class quest. You won't be able to enter if you have PK status. You can enter to this event once a week with one character, which takes place every Thursday. Gameplay Maze of Dimensions have areas all separated, and you can only move between areas through gates. At some areas you cannot see a visible gate. In these areas, you need to complete a required mission in order to create a gate. The gameplay consists of eight mission in total. Find the way out, complete all the required missions in order to clear stages. Mission Description Kill Monsters Couple of rooms can be filled with monsters. It is necessary to kill all specified monsters. –°ollect Zen A few monsters after their death can drop zen. It is necessary to collect the right amount. Do enough damage You must inflict a certain amount of damage on monsters. This task is almost equivalent to "Kill Monsters". Get enough damage It is necessary to get a certain amount of damage in the battle with the mobs. For obvious reasons, this task is redone, and like in the previous you just need to inflict a certain amount of damage on monsters. Achieved Helper Misson In Maze of Dimensions, you can use MU Helper. In the particular task it is necessary to keep it on for a certain amount of time. Reach objective EXP gained Get experience from killing mobs. The progress of the task will be performed even if you are at the maximum level. Eliminate monsters without HP recovery items It is necessary to kill the certain amount of mobs without using potions that restores HP. If such potion is used, then the task will be considered as failed and you will be transferred to the beginning of the stage. By returning back you can start it again. Eliminate monsters without MP recovery items It is necessary to kill the certain amount of mobs without using potions that restores MP. If such potion is used, then the task will be considered as failed and you will be transferred to the beginning of the stage. By returning back you can start it again. Mini-map (Tab key) is available in the Maze of Dimensions. Only the entrance, exit and the areas you have been will be shown in the mini-map. Rooms are not always connected with portals, meaning that you will have to return to the same spot, and the shortest path will almost always turn out to as the dead end. When you do get to the final point, you will have to complete 5 tasks at once, after which the Next stage button will appear. In total, there are 7 stages, subsequently with each stage you will face more complex paths. You can exit the Maze of Dimensions by character re-login, or movement command. The progress will be saved, and you can continue playing if you enter the maze again. Progress is assigned to each character separately, accordingly you can pass this event with several characters from the same account. Rewards There are rewards for clearing every stage. Amount of rewards are different depending on the stage number. The higher the stage is, the more ruud you will get. Stage Amount of Ruud 1 10 2 20 3 30 4 40 5 50 6 60 7 70
  6. Oathkeeper here, kinda busy this past few month (in real life) well I don't have any game playing right now tho. Yeah Phyron is right this and besides GM/Owner doesn't much pay attention to this server. Well goodluck everyone it was fun. (Still keeping my account in case)
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  8. I was playing too but how Phryon said its no point so will join You at norebirth
  9. I was still playing in Warius, but now its just pointless. I'm trying some others games and looking for one that suits me.
  10. Hey guys, it seems like players on this server is going away. I just wanted to know where you all went.. please comment below what servers you guys transferred to! I am currently playing on Norebirth server, and it is quite fun! Well anyways let me know where you all went.. D or V gens etc.. Thanks guys. Warius was fun!
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  12. This has been already reported to the devs, give them some time to deal with it.
  13. Hanap n lng tayo iba server kht hndi Mu2. Basta newly opened ysaka hndi engot admin.
  14. UU NGA EH! ... 11G pla client size nun hahaha!
  16. Please help... Regular Combination >> becomes >>>
  17. Can't log on website, but in game is working.
  18. Transfer successfully completed, server online.
  19. @Phyron we all heart that kind of stories before, dont worry
  20. Nice one! I got to D5 in the beginning of the year, but stopped playing for a while and dropped to plat 3.
  21. Took me 163 games from gold 3. Disclaimer: i didn't play all of those 163 games in two weeks, that's insane.
  22. Genesis doesn't seem to be going much further either, if you guys like low rates, should definitly try the no rebirth one (600 players online). It sucks to start from 0, but sucks more to waste time and effort playing to achieve nothing.
  23. We have reconsidered reset and reward transfer table, and it has been updated. For example, if your character has 14 resets on Legion server, then it means that your character will be transferred to Genesis server with 50 resets, 1 Rebirth and 1000 Rebirth Points.
  24. I Agree with Irith, we on the x30 server, like the low rates and the challenge of beeing more difficult to get stuff. The x1000 server is way more advanced in every single way compared to ours, is just unfair with us, wich joined the server precisely 'cause is a LOW rate server. I think the fairest thing it would be if u make that transfer to the x100 server that you have mentioned, 'cause of course is way easier then the x30... but will be not that different then our server stays now. We have our own ranking WCoin prize aswell... what the administration will do about that aswell ?
  25. Dear Administration. With all do respect, I do Understand the idea of the transfer and reason behind it, but in my opinion the resets recalculation after transfer to x1000 serwer (where we have much more advanced players which benefited from all aspects of the serwer from the very beginning - including better item drop rate etc. + our serwer transfer item limitation and so on and soforth...) as well as having nothing more in return is simply unacceptable. If you would really wanted to make up to those loyal players (who actually enjoyed that extra chalange on serwer x30) which would still potentially want to stay with you, I highly recommend deeply rethinking how to make that server transfer more fair. Otherwise you will loose another batch of players (including not only me but also others who I spoken to already and had the same opinion on this particular matter) Yours vladdepech (AKA Irilith)
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